Go west young man…

While the South has won its independence it, like the states of the Union, have suffered economic turmoil after the drawnout war ended in stalemate. Seeking to start anew and perhaps even find wealth thousands have poured westward onto the Great Plains and spread ever westward. The motivations of the simple folk settling the Wild West range from wanting a better life to greed, from outrunning the law to bringing justice to the wicked—or vengeance.

Whatever your reasons, you too find yourself leaving the life and security you knew back east. Your travels brought you to Amarillo, Texas, the westernmost stop for any train; from there you have arranged for a stage to take you to Lazarus. The journey will be monotonous—if you’re lucky—and certainly dirty and uncomfortable. But at least the other passengers on the stage are there to pass the time. They, like you, look like they are heading west for the first time. Why they are going west is not so readily apparent, though.

Perhaps they have information that would help you in your endeavor?

Shadows of the Past

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