Billy "Buckshot Truth" Jones

A wandering gunslinger bringing justice to the lawlessness of the west in his aimless search for finding peace for himself.


Standing 6 feet tall if he’s an inch, Buckshot Truth’s a handsome feller with a grim look about him. His blue eyes always look to be searching for something. Armored in a weather-worn duster, a rifle scabbard slung across his shoulders, heavy iron at his side, wide-bladed bowie low on his hip, his hat brim deep down his forehead. A thick mane of stark-white hair waves like a flag beneath it. His spurs…plain and humble.

For all his size, he moves like a mountain lion, easily picking his way through a room. He’s at ease with laborer and banker alike.

The mount of this Knight of the Plains is a simple mustang stallion, adorned with a Navajo-made horse blanket, an ordinary saddle and bags. Yet in it’s simplicity it speaks to the character of this warrior of the law-abiding citizenry of the land.


Raised in a well-to-do family in California, Billy turned his back on his father’s unethical and immoral business partners and sold all ties to his past to make his way eastward to the Wild West. Searching for Wilbur Matley, the man who raped and murdered his 13 year-old sister, Alicia, Billy followed a hot trail to Amarillo, only to discover the curr had backtracked to the Cauldron. Billy booked passage to Lazarus on the first stage out of Amarillo and is restless to catch his quarry.

Billy "Buckshot Truth" Jones

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