Brett Bartholomew Billingsly

Scheming solcialite and gambler with a quick draw.


Black hair, blue eyes
Expensive dresser, eloquent speaker
A gambler, womanizer and politiician-in-training; owns a gambling hall, two saloons and a hotel in Muskeegie, and is rumored to be involved in other ilicit business ventures.


Brett is a highly respected and well-known local figure in Muskeegiee, as well as much of the surrounding territory. His reputation often precedes him as a man with incredible great fortune, and is ususally upheld upon facing him across a poker, craps or faro table. He is rumored to be the heri to a great fortune back east, but if anyone can substantiate this they aren’t talking.

His most recent publicly known business venture is a bid for several lots in Lazarus, presumably to raise a new gambling hall, saloon and/or hotel. It has been rumored for years that he also has his hands in the Cauldron’s opium trade.

Brett Bartholomew Billingsly

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