Garret Willowby

A well-dressed and educated general store owner in Lazarus, Uncle to Winnifred Willowby.


Brown hair, brown eyes
Well-dressed in expensive slightly out-dated fashion for an upper-class gentleman, even when working. Kempt in appearance and congenial in demeanor with all but the most unruly of folks.


Owner and proprietor of Willowby’s General Store in Lazarus, Garret proudly tells any who will listen how he built his business from the ground up with his own sweat and blood, both figuratively and literally. Always smiling and happy to speak with anyone entering his business, Garret rarely speaks of his past or his family, save for the fact he is expecting any day now the arrival of his favorite niece from New York City, Winnifred Willowby.

His new bride, Udaya, is a matter of some gossip and slight disturbance in Lazarus. Bringing up the subject with Garret for any other reason than to wish them both happiness is a sure way to find out that he has a darker side, and be banned from his store to boot.

Garret Willowby

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