Samuel "Sammy" Newton

A stage coach driver for Cauldron Coaches.


thick, snow white hair
deep blue eyes
comfortable, durable travel clothes are his preference


Sammy is a talkative but likeable fellow, reminding most people of a gentle and caring grandfather. Charitable to a fault some would say, Sammy wastes little time in telling people that his dreams of retiring on a ranch in the northern territories has yet to come to fruition becasue he can’t save enough money with all the people on their hard luck that need help in the Cauldron. The story is always told as a sort of warning or reminder to a person’s conscience to think of others before yourself, not as a gripe or complaint.

Raised by a devoutly religious Presbyterian minister, Sammy is often hear din conversation making references to or quoting Biblical passages. In contrast to this, Sammy seems to enjoy gambling, taking any and all bets thrown his way, even if he thinks the bet is ludicrous.

Samuel "Sammy" Newton

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