Udaya Willowby

Mysterious Apache wife of Garret Willowby and new aunt of Winnifred Willowby.


Black hair, brown eyes
Beautifully dressed but with apparent lack of familiarity with European style clothing.
A kind, pleasant and nurturing woman, Udaya is always willing to care for those in need of aid. She is, however, a timid woman with a voice to match.


Little is known about Udaya or how she and her new husband Garret met. She has no friends in the true sense of the word, but is well-acquainted with most of the other women in Lazarus due to her husband’s business, Willowby’s General Store. She ventures forth from their home only when necessarry and then during periods when most people are off the streets for breakfast or dinner.

Rumors abound surrounding her, from her having killed a man and being on the run from her own people to her having bewitched Garret with her savage herbal treatments and magic in order to use him as a means of living in Lazarus for the purpose of spying for her tribe in preparation of a raid.

Udaya Willowby

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