Wilbur Matley

Enforcer for the San Francisco mine tycoon and crimelord Joshua Waterston.


Dark brown hair
brown eyes
closely cropped hair, moustache and beard, but not well-grromed
portly, yet muscular
very dirty and rough looking individual, reinforced by his deep voice


Wilbur has led a rough life, overcoming misfortune and hardship one day after the next. Whether his choice to turn to crime was due to a comlpete lack of morality or just desperation and hopelessness, Wilbur haas become quite an asset to Joshua Waterston. Currently on the run for the rape and murder of a 13 year-old girl, Wilbur has headed to the Cauldron presumably to find both anonymity and protection from similar rough-around-the-edges type individuals.

Wilbur Matley

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