Major Cosby

Notorious for his crimes against simple farmers and settlers trying to make an honest living in the west, Lawrence Cosby has raped, murdered, robbed, and razed his way into a nightmarish legend used by many parents as a modern day boogey man to scare children into obedience.

Having served in the Confederate army as a Lt. Colonel heading a special team of Confederate raiders with a primary mission to disrupt Union supply lines and weaken Union civillian support, Cosby was called before a Confederate tribunal for charges levied against him by an officer under his command that found Cosby’s methods “ungentlemanly and inexcusable for so high ranking an officer.” The Confederacy found Cosby guilty of most of the the charges, but due to the measure of success he had met with allowed him to return to harrying the North; as punishment he was reduced in rank to Major.

Cosby unfortunately went completely rogue upon returning to the Union, and began raiding both Confederate and Union towns and military transports. After the war Cosby stayed in the North, ignoring the ceasefire and subsequent treaty as the acts of cowards.

After raiding several communities in the northern midwest Cosby has disappeared, but rumors abound from those ruffians who have seen him recently about the Major having headed into the Cauldron to lay low while he plans something big.

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Major Cosby

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